Who can solve these two problems?

1. A man walks into a shop and asks the shopkeeper how much one would cost. The shopkeeper replies “$1.20″, so the man asks how much three would cost. The shopkeeper replies “$2.40″. The man then asks for one hundred and thirty and hands $3.60 to the shopkeeper. What was he buying?

2. Mary’s father has got four daughters. The first is called Ann, the second is called Anna and the third is called Annie. What is the name of the other daughter?


SAPSASA Rugby League regional carnival

What a great day we had at the Rugby League carnival. We entered one girl’s team and one boy’s team. Both of our teams played well and I was so proud of the way they performed on and off the field. Our boys put up a good fight against the other teams in their division, but unfortunately just ran out of steam at the end. The boys were led admirably by their captain and vice-captain, Troy and Tyler. Our girls played some brilliant team rugby, with some crunching tackles laid by Maddie, Tia and Kristi-Lee and some powerful running by Sarah and Ailie. The girls scored a 20-20 draw against the team that were the eventual winners, so have been deservedly invited to compete in the State Finals. Go get ‘em girls!

What did you cook?

What was the last meal that you cooked?
Why did you choose to cook that one?
Who was it for?
How many people did it feed?
What was the most difficult part of the procedure?

7 Random Facts

Comments attached to this POST are the “7 RANDOM FACTS” from my class. If you are a visitor from overseas or interstate to our blog, we’d love for you to leave your “7 RANDOM FACTS” too.

100 word Convincing Argument – We Should Visit the Market

I’m absolutely sure that we should visit the Central Market.
It’s a fantastic way to learn about other country’s food and culture.
You need a map to go around the market so reading a map would help children develop their navigation skills.
Children learn how to manage their own money, and working out how much money they need to give and how much change they need to receive helps improve their math skills.
It has a great atmosphere with lots of friendly people and delicious foods all around you.
Those are my reasons why we should visit the Central Market.
By Jenna

We should definitely visit the Market because it has a great atmosphere, with many different cultures on show.
The Markets teach you a lot with money, map reading, cultures and lots more. You don’t need to bring lunch because there are yummy, free, food samples.
The Markets also offer lots of interesting tours that teach you about the different cultures and history about the Central Market.
The Market also offers really cheap prices on the items, everyone loves. Five dollars is all you need to buy a heap of goodies.
So those are my reasons to go to the market.
By Maddie

We NEED to visit the Central Market because it is a great experience to try new foods. Going to the Central Market can improve in maths by using money. It can also improve in fitness by walking around the Central Market.
Going to the Market you can find out about different cultures. By going to the Central Market you make new friend or catch up with old friends or family. Going to the Central Market is great for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Going to the Market is great because with $5 you can get lollies, snacks, drinks, curry etc.
By Angus

I am here to prove why we should visit the Central Market. I could go on and on but here are 4:
Firstly, it would help the students deal with money. Also you can buy yummy food.
Secondly, if you have a map it helps your direction and you learn more in geography.
Thirdly, it shows that students need a day out every now and then to work well.
Finally, it would be a great adventure for everyone.
So there are my reasons. I wish for you to consider my argument as your also learning while having fun

We MUST visit the Central Market it’s a nice place and it will give us something to do. We can try and see new things and it would be a great new adventure. The prices for food and other items would be unbelievably cheap, tasty and there they have different cultures of food and clothing.
We could learn new things such as how to travel around using a map and a compass. We could meet new people and the teachers could get to know the parents who come along. So do you think we should go to the Central Market?
By Angus..

We should visit the central market because it is a new experience for kids. It teaches us many things, here are my reasons.
Firstly it would teach kids us better money skills. Secondly kids would be able to learn about different cultures and there cuisine. Kids would be able to learn about how to read maps in order to get to different stalls. Besides markets have many useful things for very cheap prices you could buy anything for under $5.00.
Lastly kids just like to have fun. I think kids would learn a lot from going to the central market.
By Azalea

Don’t get me wrong, I do like school but I know if we went to the central market I would love school. Well, at-least for that day.
Going to the market would be a great chance to try different food from different countries. We kids would hopefully learn something about the different countries, unless they just go to the chocolate fountain.
Going to the market would help us with our money skills. Money skills equal maths. Maths equals a happy Mr Mac.
Going to the market would be fun and an overall good school day. Everyone would want to go!

This year our class should visit the Central Market. The Central Market is a great place for all ages and it’s a great experience for everyone!
They have all different types of food, and everything at the Central Market tastes amazing.
If you come from a different country and you want to buy some souvenirs the central market is the place to go. There’s so many shops to go to and you would probably even spend the whole day there.
Some younger kids that go to the Central Market can work out how much money they need.
Thank you

I strongly believe that we should go to the Central Market as a class, and here are my reasons why.
Firstly our class has done it before and we had no problems with it. It is educational looking at all the different foods from around the world, and seeing how much money each item is and seeing if it’s under how much you have.
Secondly each student has fun and as a teacher you want your students to have fun.

The central market is a great place to go. To catch up with friend, have lunch or just look around
I love going to the central market with my family. There are lots of different styles of food like chines, Japanese, Korean and lots more. If it is a hot day or you want a snack there are ice cream shops. The food is cheap but yummy.
There are lots of shops like lolly shops, cheese shops, fruit shops and lots more. The fruit is fresh and they have tasty fruit all year round
We should all go there together.

I believe we should go to the Central Market. Here are a few reasons why.
Firstly because you can learn about money by having a certain budget to spend on food, souvenirs and clothes.
Secondly because it has foods from different cultures, like Asia, Indonesia and Europe. It is also very multi-cultural with supermarkets that sell food from all over the world.
Thirdly and finally the central market is a good experience for young people to try new foods, learn new things like orienteering with a map.

Maths (working backwards) Problem

The teacher offers students of the class a Haighs peppermint-cream chocolate (yum!) for every Maths problem they get right, but he takes back two Haighs peppermint-cream chocolates (yum!) for each incorrect answer. Gracie stored up her Haighs peppermint-cream chocolates (yum!) over a week. On Thursday, she got eight questions right and two wrong. On Friday, she got nine right and one wrong. She finished the week with sixteen Haighs peppermint-cream chocolates (yum).

Qu. How many Haighs peppermint-cream chocolates (yum!) did Gracie have at the start of Thursday?

Write your answer showing proof of how you got it.

New year, new class. What am I in for?

Welcome to the 2014 school year. I am really looking forward to meeting and working with my new students, their families and of course my “old” students and families again.
We also welcome Miss Fuller, our student teacher, to the class. I’m sure you will all make her feel welcome.
Good luck to those students from last year who are about to begin HS.